Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teaching Round 2

For my second teaching experience, i was much less nervous, and more prepared than the first time. I decided to teach how to correctly throw and catch a football for my mini lesson. This time around I provided a couple good cues for both throwing and catching. During the throwing and catching, I provided feedback to the students who looked like they were having some trouble. After everyone looked like they could correctly throw and catch, I made things a little more challenging by having the students switch to their non-dominant hand. Since playing throw and catch can loose its excitement very fast, I decided to make things entertaining for the students. I had them combine groups to form two groups of four. With that, i had the students run short routes, with defenders on both the passer and the receiver.

Overall, I think that this mini lesson went a lot better then first, but there were still some things I need to work on. One thing that i did not do too well was hooking my students into my mini lesson. The other things that I need to work on are using a louder voice and showing more enthusiasm when teaching. I think that over time, the more practice I get, will help me correct those flaws that I'm experiencing right now. I am excited for my next opportunity to teach again.
Here is my time coding form to break down my mini lesson to show activity, instruction, management, and wait times.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teaching on the First Class.

To get the semester started off right, Professor Yang had us students get right into teaching for our first class. At first it came as a little bit of a shock to me, but once we got started it didn't turn out too bad. After watching the video of myself teaching for the first time, i noticed some things that could use some changing. Even though i was excited to get right into teaching, i was also nervous. That nervousness showed in my body language and my voice. Through this class, and given more time to prepare, I wouldn't have been quite so nervous. As time goes on, I will be able to gain confidence in myself so I can show more excitement and enthusiasm in my teaching.

When it comes time to teach my own class, i plan on making the class as enjoyable as possible. I plan to do that using things such as music and getting involved with the students as much as possible. Also, being more energetic when teaching will keep the class exciting and help students stay alert and attentive.