Saturday, December 19, 2009

Semester Recap

Here is a video that I created using Picasa. It is a video of all my pictures from this semester through PED 201 and EDU 255.

10 hours of Field Experience

For my 10 hours of field experience required for EDU 255, I worked with pre-k through 5th grade children at the St.Mary's Cortland. I did this apart of my lab for PED 201. There was a total of 6 labs that were 2 hours a peice. This experience was a great opportunity for me to develop as a physical education teacher. I really got a great chance to practice all the skills taught in EDU 255.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Lab at St. Mary's

Our last day of lab finally came and it was a fun day. My group, the goonies, were assigned to organize the equipment rooms and label everything in the room. Organizing and labeling took the majority of our time during our last lab but what a difference it made. We were able to organize everything in the closet and make the equipment that is used frequently more accessible for everyone to get to. Even though this organization process took a good amount of time, our group still got the chance to conduct the closing song of the lab. Amanda had a great song for that that she knew off the top of her head. She changed some things in the song around to make it more suitable for the Christmas theme of that week.

My experience at St. Mary's couldn't have been better. I have learned so much about myself and my teaching has greatly improved. I was able to bring in teaching techniques from EDU 255 and implement them when teaching the children.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving at St. Mary's

November 11th was another successful Wednesday at St.Mary's. For this lab, my group was assigned to play the game "MUK" in the gym with the children to get the lab started. Prior to this lab, I tried to find the artist in me and make up some visual aids. I was trying to make them informational about the game as well as festive for the Thanksgiving theme that we were going for this week. I ended up making 2 visual aids that presented the rules of the game and the correct cues for dribbling the basketball which is involved in the game. This was a fun game to play and was a great game to showcase the children's dribbling ability. When setting up and presenting these games to the children, Im constantly using many techniques that I am learning in EDU 255. I like this a lot because not only is it practice for 255, you can also see how well all these techniques work in a real life situation when working with the children. Overall, I think that this game went well for the most part. Mostly all students were involved and having fun with this game. There was only a few students that didn't find the game that entertaining and wanted to be doing something else.

The second part of this lab, we ended up going out on the playground for a while after the children finished eating their snacks. This was another great time with the children. Right from the start, the children and I got a game of tag going. Once again the kids never wanted to stop running around and playing, which made it fun. After getting sweaty running around with the kids on the playground, we all came back into the gym to close off another fun time at St.Mary's. It's hard to believe that next time will be our last lab visit to St. Mary's. It has been an awesome time so far, and I am looking forward to the next time.