Monday, November 16, 2009

Morning fun at St. Mary's

On October 22nd, I was able to work with the children at St.Mary's in a totally different atmosphere. This time I observed them first thing in the morning. Before I came, I expected the kids to be a little different. When I got there and starting interacting with the children, I noticed a huge difference in how the kids acted. I was working with the pre-k children, and helping them with a couple different activities. That day the students were learning their "4's", so their activity was to color in and decorate a number four. I helped the students color in their fours and glue on some Halloween themed decorations. During these activities, I noticed that the kids were much more calm and well behaved then when I worked with them during the after school program. This might be because it is still early in the morning or they know to be on their best behavior for the teacher. They also listened to me much better when I would give them instructions. During the after school program, the students are more hyper and tend not to listen to everything I have to say when giving them instructions. I think the reason they are so much more active after school is that it is their chance to let loose and play games after being in school all day. It was a good experience to work with the children in the morning to see the change from then to the after school program.

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  1. Mike, You are on point with how different the children act in the different settings. It is important to use what your learning in your classes to make your labs flow smoothly. Remember these children look up to you and think of you as a teacher. Keep up the great work your doing.