Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little taste of Cricket

On Wednesday, November 11th, I got the opportunity to teach something completely new to me. My partner Dan Barcavage and I decided to teach a lesson on cricket. This is the lesson plan that we created for this lab. Before this lab, I've never played or even know how to play the game of cricket. For my lesson, I decided to focus on the batting aspect of cricket. More specifically, I focused on the defensive side of hitting. To help the students learn the aspects the defensive hitting, I created three short and simple cues that the students could easily remember. I demonstrated the forward type of defensive swing first, then I had the class get partners and work on that specific defensive hit. I think that this method of teaching worked well, and I was able to keep and good eye over the whole class to minimize any distractions that could happen during the activity. After giving both partners a couple minutes to work on the forward defensive hit, I called the class together and demonstrated the backward defensive swing.

After I demonstrated the backward defensive swing, I had them practice that with the same type of activity as the first type of swing earlier in the lesson. During this activity, I was able to provide some inter task variation for a couple groups that looked like they were understanding both types of swings. To modify the activities for those groups, I told them they could use any type of hit they wanted to in order to stop the ball from getting past them. I think that overall this lesson went very well. After completing my time coding form, it was evident that I had enough activity time going on during my lesson. The form also shows that I needed to cut down the waiting times before activities. I think this could be done by putting more urgency in getting the students back to their activities quicker, after I'm done with my instruction. Through my time coding analysis, I can see that I did give a good amount of feedback, but could of used a little more. I might have given more feedback, but the video makes it hard to hear what I am saying when I was on the other side of the gym. The lesson as a whole went very well and I had a lot of fun teaching this unit but also learning things about cricket that I did not know. I will be looking forward to my next opportunity to showcase my teaching abilities that I have learned so far this semester.

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