Monday, November 2, 2009

Lab 3 at St. Mary's

On Wednesday, October 28th we got to go back to St.Marys for lab #3. This time around my group got the chance to work with the older kids in the cafeteria. That was a great time, I got to test out my checker skills against some of the students. During our time in the cafeteria, I noticed the older students that my group was working with listened to instructions better then some of the younger students.

After about an hour in the cafeteria, we moved up into the gym where things really got interesting. At first i started playing that required you to jump, catch the ball and immediately pass it to another student in the circle. That was a fun game to play with the students, and you could really see how well each student could jump up and pass at the same time. I noticed many students would just jump up and hit the ball with their hands instead of catching then throwing. That game lasted for another couple minutes and kids seemed to not be so interested in it. At this point, I started to play a little basketball game with 1 other student. This game grew to numerous students, a lab assistant and people from other groups. At this time I named the game "small ball". I think that this game hit it off with the students so well was because I was down on their level the entire time. This was a very successful game for a couple reasons. One of the reasons is that it really got the students moving, and kept them on the move the entire time the game went on. Another reason was that, the game worked out in like a play, teach, play method. It was like this because the students and I would play for a couple minutes, then I would explain to them correct defensive form and then go back to playing. I was able to do this a couple times to explain to them things like defensive, offensive, and dribbling. If I learned one thing through this game, its that these students will not stop and make sure that you don't stop moving for the entire time. It was a very fun game and a good workout as well.

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