Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane....ITS SUPERMAN!!

On Wednesday October 21st, we were able to visit St.Mary's school once again. This time was a lot of fun because there was a superhero theme for this lab. For this theme I wore a superman t-shirt. That day my group got to work with the pre-k children for the whole two hours. For the first part we were in the classroom helping the kids with different activities like coloring, and playing with blocks. During the last part of our classroom visit, I got the opportunity to read the children a story called "Stanley the Stinkbug". This was a great story to go along with the superhero theme. I had a lot of fun reading the children this story and watching all their reactions when talking about Stanley the Stinkbug and how stinky he is. I could tell the kids enjoyed it more when I got into the book with them by faces and plugging my nose.

The next part of the lab, my group and I went into the gym to play some games with the children. For the game, we had chose to play "people to people". This was a great game to play with the pre-k kids because of all the variation that I could put into the game. Every time the kids had to run around when the music was playing, I could switch up how they moved around the gym. I was switching it up frequently by telling the kids to do things like hop, skip, jump, and get real low and walk around. This was a good tool because you could really see all the children's different skill levels with things like skipping and hopping. I had a great time working with the pre-k kids and loved all their reactions when you got down to their level and worked with them.

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  1. Nice blog Mike, I was really impressed on how well you put emotion into the story. This really made your experience that much better. You really expressing who you are and it is showing off in your labs.