Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lab 1 at St. Mary's

Lab one at St. Mary's was a ton of fun. For this lab, my group and I set up a game called hot feet for the kids to play. This was a simple tag game where every student gets a bean bag and has to run around and throw it below the knees of another student. If a student got tagged by a bean bag, they had to go to a re-entry station to perform some sort of activity in order to get back into the game. During this game, I noticed that the majority of the kids were having a great time and were really enjoying the game. There were a few students, some boys and some girls, that did not want to participate at all and said they would rather be doing something else. Another problem that I noticed with this game was, the boys, always tried to throw their bean bag as hard as they possibly could. I think that this game was a success for the most part with the students. We played this game for a good amount of time and the majority of the students stayed with it and kept playing.

After playing hot feet and another game from the other group, we moved down to the cafeteria with the students. Since there was snacks waiting for the students, they quieted right down and focused on their snacks. After they ate, students had the chance to play with a variety of different toys and games. I sat down and started playing a game of checkers with a student that was not a big fan of the hot feet game and was a little hard to control in the gym. When we started playing checkers, I noticed that this student calmed right down and had no problem sitting quietly and playing. This surprised me at first but I just went with it and kept playing checkers. After the cafeteria, I got the chance to play a little game of duck, duck, goose! with many of the students. They loved this game and had many different varieties of this game, all which were fun to play. I had a great time playing games with the students for this first lab, and I can't wait to go back.

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