Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting into the End zone!

This past Friday, the class was able to do another mini lesson. This time it was just teaching one drill or activity involved in Ultimate Frisbee. For my lesson, I taught a drill called the end zone drill. This drill works on the student's ability to effectively move the Frisbee down the field and eventually get it into the end zone. It was a complicated drill, but after extensively going over it with the rest of the class, they finally got it down.

After listening to myself teach the lesson and writing out my transcript, I figured out what I still need to work on. One big thing that I noticed was, when calling on students, I rarely used their names. That can become a problem because using students names, when calling on them, gives them a feeling that the feedback is more personal. Using student's names also makes them aware that you are talking to only that student. Another problem I noticed is that I did not give much feedback. Since it was a complicated drill and it did take up the majority of the gym, I found it hard to move back and forth between groups to give specific feedback. One thing that I was able to do, was give a good inter-task variation. After noticing most of the students were able to perform this drill, I had them count out loud how many passes they could make to each other without dropping the Frisbee. I feel that I am constantly improving and becoming more enthusiastic every time I teach.

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