Monday, October 26, 2009

PE Hall of Shame

When I saw that dodgeball was inducted into the PE hall of shame, I can't say that I was surprised. Even though I did play dodgeball in my PE classes all through high school, this game is not thought to highly of by many people. People who don't think this game belongs in PE think that this game can lead to injuries and secludes people who might be in not as good of shape as some of the other kids in class. Another problem people might see in this game is that once your out, you just stand there until you get the chance to come back in. Those points might be true, but I think that adjusting the rules or changing up the game slightly can make the game safe and fair to everyone. I think that if you change the rules to use a lighter ball and have students only throw at the waiste down, that will eliminate the safety concerns that are involved with this game. Also including an activity for the students to perform once their out the game, to get back in, is a good way to make sure students are moving at all times. Once the initial problems with dodgeball are addressed and taken care of, dodgeball becomes a useful PE activity that can help with things like agility, power, and hand eye coordination of the students

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